The Acue Extreme 250 BSW hybrid is the Extreme 350‘s little brother. It is a beam, a spot and a wash moving head. The fixture utilizes a 200W LED as it’s light source. The Extreme 250 might be physically smaller than the 350, but it still boasts a good amount power, versatility, and is packed with features.


Light Source 200W LED
Lamp Life 50,000 hrs
Pan 540˚ 16bit
Tilt 240˚ 16bit
Color Wheel 9 colors + open + color fade
Gobo Wheels 10 fixed gobos+open / 7 interchangeable, rotating, indexable, gobos + open, 3D gobos
Prism 4 facets prism
Zoom Linear motorized (7˚-27˚)
Focus/Fine Focus Precise mechanical focus control
Frost Linear frost control
Shutter Variable (1-25), random strobe
Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz