Extreme 650 Hybrid

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The Acue Extreme 650 hybrid is one of our flagship full function professional moving head fixtures. It is one of the largest fixtures in the Extreme family of fixtures and is packed with features not available in any other fixture.

It is a full feature hybrid fixture comprised of a beam, a spot and a wash moving head all in one. The fixture utilizes a 600W white LED (30000LM)  as its light source. The Extreme 1200 feature a 4 flag magnetic locking framing system allowing for smooth seamless framing capabilities. The Extreme 1200 also features a seamless CMY filter system as well as a CTO control system making it the perfect fixture for large scale venues and theaters alike.

Thanks to the innovative combination of the most important functions available in todays moving heads, the Extreme 650 has the capability to be all 3 fixtures at once, a Beam, Spot and a Wash along with almost all the features available in todays market.

The Acue Extreme 650 hybrid is sold as a package of 2 lights including a 2 in 1 flight case .

PROFILE FIXTURE: Acue Lighting Extreme 650 Sunlite/ADJ My DMX 2.0/3.0

Light Source 600W LED 30000LM
Lamp Life 20,000 hrs
Framing System 4 Flag magnetic framing system with position lock
Pan 540˚ 16bit
Tilt 240˚ 16bit
Color Wheel 7 Colors + 0pen + color wheel rotation
CMY Control 3 Flag CMY color flag system with CTO
Gobo Wheels 2 Gobo Wheels: 8 Fixed gobos + open / 7 Interchangeable, rotating, indexable gobos + open
Prism 4 Facets prism
Zoom Linear motorized (6˚-42˚)
Focus/Fine Focus Precise mechanical focus control
Frost Linear frost control
Shutter Variable (1-25), random strobe
Iris Mechanical motorized iris control
DMX 37 & 41CH Modes
DMX In/Out 3 pin & 5 pin DMX in/out
Total Power Draw 700W
Power Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz Powercon input
Weight 32kg / 70.5lb
Size 410 x 310 x 740 mm / 16.15″ x 12.2″ x 29.15″