The Acue Mini Magnum LED is the miniature version of our full size Acue Magnum LED. It features 7×15 RGBW LED chips. It is essentially three different lights packed into one. The entire face of the fixture has the ability to zoom back and forth and also allows for infinite rotation in either direction. The zoom option allows for the light beam to be zoomed from a tight beam of 5˚ to a brilliant wash of 65˚. Each LED has the ability to be individually controlled allowing for great “eye candy” effects along with nice even color changes. The ability to make the whole face rotate is an entirely new effect in its own. The rotation causes the light beams to be cris-crossed producing a kaleidoscope-like effect. The Mini Magnum LED allows your creative mind to run wild on any stage.


Light Source 7x15W RGBW LEDs
Operating Mode DMX, Auto-Program, Sound Active
DMX Channels 27 & 55 Channel modes 3-pin DMX in/out connectors
Pan 540˚
Tilt 270˚
Dimmer 0-100% Linear dimmer control for each pixel
Shutter Shutter strobe speed adjustable by DMX
Zoom 4˚-60˚ Zoom Range
Total Power Draw 150 Watts
Input Voltage 110-220V AC 50/60hz
IP Rating IP 20 (indoor use only)